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There's a lot happening on A level


The summer has been (and still is) a busy time for the A level reform. In the final run up to the A level results on Thursday we reflect on what's been happening with regard to maths and further maths A level.

The A level Content Advisory Board (ALCAB) was established in 2013 by the Russell Group universities to provide advice on the core content requirements in A level facilitating subjects. Maths and further maths were amongst these subjects. ALCAB published its report in July making a number of recommendations. Alongside this report ALCAB also published letters from Professor Nigel Thrift, Chair of ALCAB and Professor Richard Craster, Chair of the mathematics panel. The Department for Education published a response to Professor Thrift from Michael Gove.

The Department for Education  and Ofqual are now both consulting on A level content and assessment respectively. These consultations close on 19 September. ACME will be busy working away on its responses over the next few weeks.

A level entries
The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) published A level and AS entry data for 2014 in July.  And it's good news for maths with an increase in entries for maths and further maths in A level and AS. A level Further Maths had an increase of 2.6% on 2013.

Post-16 data
The Department for Education has published the results for A levels and other post-16 qualifications for 2012-13. These show that there has been an increase in maths A level entries over the past 10 years and the number of students taking further maths nearly doubled from 2005/6 to 2012/3.

Keep your eyes on the ACME A level page for more updates and to read ACME's statement on A level reform.

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