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Maths for all to 18

ACME member Richard Browne reflects on some of the key issues in the post-16 mathematics landscape as discussed in ACME's 'Maths Snapshot', 'Maths for all to 18'.

It is not long since discussions about the importance of all students studying mathematics post-16 could be ended by [read more]

Mathematics and Problem-solving (II)

Niall MacKay shares some further thoughts on problem-solving...

In a previous post I talked about process versus facts in the learning of mathematics, and about problem-solving. What I had in mind there was principally problem-solving in pure mathematics, which together with theorem-proving form the systole and diastole of the subject (see [read more]

Visiting HoDoMS

HoDoMS is a strange set of initials! It stands for a group representing the heads of mathematical sciences departments in UK universities. Each year the group has a two-day Easter meeting in Birmingham. The group was keen for an update on developments in school mathematics. This group is acutely aware that what happens in school, especially at A-level, will have a major impact on recruitment to their courses, and indeed on the quality of those[read more]

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