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The forgotten 16 year olds

Sybil Cock, former ACME member, opens a discussion about Level 2 qualifications. She is of the view that GCSE Mathematics is not suitable for all students and she shares her personal views about a different type of qualification that might be needed for those taking GCSE Mathematics post-16.

Government reforms have focussed on A levels, and the very welcome [read more]

Visiting HoDoMS

HoDoMS is a strange set of initials! It stands for a group representing the heads of mathematical sciences departments in UK universities. Each year the group has a two-day Easter meeting in Birmingham. The group was keen for an update on developments in school mathematics. This group is acutely aware that what happens in school, especially at A-level, will have a major impact on recruitment to their courses, and indeed on the quality of those[read more]

Mathematics on my mind

I would like to share my last week in March where mathematics came up every day. I adopt a diary format.

Sunday. Spent a couple of hours helping my 35-year old older son with his maths A level. He is working full time, did not take A level Maths at school and wants a career change. As he works full time, he is taking modules. As Chair of ACME I wonder how easy it will be in the future for adult learners when A levels become linearised with end of course exams? Sett[read more]

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