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Maths Snapshots

ACME's series of briefing papers, Maths Snapshots, sets out some of the key issues in mathematics education, identifying challenges and opportunities and providing policy advice on how to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Maths snapshotACME's Maths Snapshots:

A blueprint for mathematics education

The first Maths Snapshot  'A blueprint for mathematics education' was published in June 2014. The blueprint draws together principles on mathematics education developed by ACME since 2002.

It sets out five principles expanded on in the other Maths Snapshots

  1. All young people value mathematics and develop confident, positive attitudes to learning and using it.
  2. They are mathematically fluent and can reason and solve problems within mathematics, in other contexts and in their daily lives.
  3. They are taught by well-qualified, effective and inspirational teachers of mathematics.
  4. They study appropriate and engaging mathematics up to the age of 18.
  5. Policies that make this happen are joined-up, long-term, evidence-informed, transparent and well-designed.JohnPethicaquoteweb

Read the post on ACME's blog Maths Memos introducing the Maths Snapshots series by former ACME Deputy Chair Professor Andrew Noyes.

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