Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Teachers of maths: supply, training and development

ACME's 'Teachers of maths: supply, training and development' Maths Snapshot relates to the principle set out in the ACME blueprint that all young people are taught by well-qualified, effective and inspirational teachers of mathematics.

ACME sets out:MSteacherspage

  • the landscape of teacher supply, initial teacher education and professional development
  • the demand for more teachers of mathematics due to qualification reform and demographic changes
  • the challenges presented by the current professional development landscape  
  • the need for an analysis of the different teacher education routes and their impact on the quantity and quality of teachers of mathematics
  • the need for a long-term plan for developing high-quality and widely-accessible professional development provision for all teachers.

In the paper, ACME recommends:

  • the urgent recruitment and retention of expert mathematics teachers in both secondary and further education
  • the establishment of specialist teachers of mathematics in all primary schools
  • the provision of high-quality subject-specific professional development for all teachers of maths.

More details on ACME's policy advice and new project on teacher education and development can be found here.

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