Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Position Paper on Early and Mutiple Entry to GCSE Mathematics

12 May 2011

ACME has produced a position statement on Early and Multiple Entry to GCSE Mathematics.

ACME is concerned at the increasing trend towards students being entered early for GCSE mathematics and believes that the practice of early entry has a negative effect on most students‟ mathematical education, hindering their progression to a wide range of subjects post-16 and in Higher Education.

Professor Dame Julia Higgins FRS, Chair of ACME said: 

"We are seeing a worrying increase in the numbers of students being entered early for GCSE mathematics, to the detriment of almost all students.  It's no longer a case of a careful selection of the brightest students being pushed through early - it's whole cohorts now, whether or not it's in their long term interests as individuals. The pressure on schools to improve their standing in the league tables provides an incentive to act in the school's best interests rather than those of the individual students.  The Government must act now to define more clearly the requirement that all students study mathematics to the end of Key Stage 4, irrespective of whether a GCSE has been achieved earlier."


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