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ACME new Post-16 Mathematics project

23 January 2012


In a speech at the Royal Society in July 2011, the Secretary of State Michael Gove stated his wish that within ten years, all young people would be studying some form of mathematics post-16. This echoed ACME's previous work on post-16 mathematics: Post-16 in 2016 and the Mathematical Needs project.

The project

ACME is now taking a leading role in the mathematics and wider subject communities in seeking to increase the provision and take-up of appropriate post-16 mathematics provision. Various stakeholders in the mathematics and STEM communities are supportive of this work. As well as providing advice on the new pathway(s) suggested by this consultation question, ACME also intends to inform both the review of A-level mathematics provision and the next steps for level 2 (and below) mathematics provision post-16.

To inform its advice on the new pathway(s), ACME has committed to produce a briefing paper outlining potential models for the structure and content of the pathway(s) for those students who have previously attained GCSE A*-C in mathematics, but for whom A-level mathematics is inappropriate. This briefing paper will be informed by extensive discussions with the mathematics and other communities (including HE, employers and pre-19 education). It will also be informed by analysis of current level 3 mathematics qualifications, and an understanding of the current programme choices of students with GCSE A*-C, who do not study mathematics currently.

Next Steps

ACME will shortly be launching a call for views to guide the development of a challenging qualification for students who do not currently take A-level mathematics but will still need to continue with mathematics. This will be advertised via our website and our newsletter.

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