Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

ACME proposals for post-16 mathematics

17 December 2012

There is a wide consensus amongst politicians, employers, higher education tutors and others that students in England should, like their counterparts in many other countries, continue to study mathematics to the age of 18. ACME has spent the past year considering how this can be achieved for those students ready to progress beyond GCSE Mathematics.

Today, ACME has published two papers. The first, Post-16 Mathematics: increasing provision and participation, provides an overview to the fundamental changes to the structure and type of mathematics qualifications beyond GCSE. The second paper, Planning for success, describes the steps that will need to be taken to make this work. We are setting a demanding challenge. Many agencies and organisations will need to work together, alongside government, so that the complex ecosystem that drives students, schools and colleges ensures 21st century students are equipped with the mathematical capabilities that they are going to need in their personal and working lives. ACME looks forward to seeing these changes taking place.


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