Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

ACME response to the National Curriculum

01 October 2013

ACME has written to Elizabeth Truss MP regarding the DfE consultation on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for mathematics. ACME has also prepared a brief response to the consultation.

ACME is pleased to see that the aims in the July 2013 draft now echo ACME's aspiration that the curriculum reflects the interconnected nature of mathematics. However, ACME's analysis of the changes made since the previous version suggests that very few additional recommendations have been incorporated.

ACME suggests that the follow points are considered and incorporated into the final version:

  • the key stage 1 - 2 curriculum content should be re-distributed over years 1-7, providing firmer foundations for future study, including mathematics to the age of 18;
  • interconnections between content areas should be more clearly articulated;
  • much stronger signals about the importance and variety of problem solving are needed in the curriculum content;
  • the appendix on formal written methods should be withdrawn, or accompanied by a wider glossary of mathematical terms and techniques.

ACME will be responding to the consultations on GCSE Mathematics in due course.

Elizabeth Truss MP responded to ACME's letter.

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