Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Department for Education consultation on 'New A levels: subject content'

20 December 2013

ACME published a response to the Department for Education consultation 'New A levels: subject content', which was informed by Committee deliberations and Outer Circle advice.

In the response, ACME:

  • stressed the importance of coherence and transparency in reform processes across all A level subjects
  • underlined the need for qualification reform process in mathematics looking at the qualification system as a whole, including GCSE, Core Mathematics and A level qualifications
  • cautioned about the potential detrimental effects that reforms could have on the uptake of AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • welcomed the emphasis upon mathematical and quantitative skills in the subject content of many A level subjects, but highlighted the need for further reflection.

ACME will respond to the Ofqual consultation on regulatory aspects relating to A level reform by 17 January.

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