Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

New mathematics hubs announced

06 December 2013

The Department for Education has announced £11 million funding to develop a network of strategic hubs to support mathematics education. Each of the 30 hubs will be led by a teaching school. The network will be coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

ACME looks forward to engaging with NCETM on how the new 'mathematics education strategic hubs' (MESH) can take forward the recommendations in ACME's recent report Empowering Teachers: Success for Learners. In this report, ACME called for National Guidelines to be drawn together to support senior leaders and others in structuring the provision of career-long professional development. ACME recommended that such guidelines should synthesise and review existing resources. The guidelines should also include clear quality criteria for mathematics professional development, guidance on how to learn from research and guidance on how to evaluate the effectiveness of professional development.

The new network should also consider how best to address the key national priority areas for professional development that ACME has identified: support for primary mathematics teaching, Key Stage 3 mathematics subject knowledge and preparation for new post-16 programmes.

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