Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

ACME Response to the National Curriculum Review

17 April 2013

ACME has submitted its response to the National Curriculum Review.

The response supports the aspirations set out in the review, however expresses some concerns:

- ACME's view is that the key aim of the mathematics curriculum is to ensure that all pupils can solve problems. The aims that were set out in the programme of study thus needed to be re-ordered to privilege development of deep conceptual understanding for problem solving.

- The National Curriculum has defined standards by the amount of content in mathematics and several areas of content have been moved down a year or a key stage. There was an increase in content in the draft Key Stage 2 curriculum, but ACME was concerned that this was likely to be covered superficially. As ACME outlined in its paper: Raising the bar: developing able young mathematicians, it is mastery of mathematics rather than acceleration through curricula that provides pupils with secure foundations in mathematical knowledge.


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