Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Post-16 Mathematics Engaging the new cohort

01 July 2013

ACME's discussion paper adds to its previous work on Post-16 Mathematics. ACME proposes the development of a new qualification for students who do not achieve a Grade C in GCSE Mathematics or equivalent.

ACME supports the aspiration that everyone should be actively engaging in mathematics until they are functioning at the equivalent of at least Level 2 in mathematics.

From 2015 all 16 year olds will be required to work towards a Level 2 Mathematics qualification. Those who reach 18 without achieving this will therefore make up a new and large post-16 cohort which is likely to increase in the short term.

GCSE Mathematics provides a measure of threshold mathematical functioning. It also is a gatekeeper qualification for employers and higher education institutions.

However, ACME has been considering an alternative qualification to better meet the needs of those who reach 16 without GCSE Mathematics Grade C or equivalent, and believes that there is a demand in the mathematics community for such a qualification.

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