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Post-16 core mathematics: ACME to convene expert panel

18 June 2013

The Government intends to introduce core mathematics qualifications to meet the needs of students who have achieved a grade C or higher at GCSE, but do not progress to AS or A level mathematics. At DfE's request, ACME is convening an expert panel on post-16 core mathematics qualifications.

The remit of the panel will be to draft clear guidelines to inform the development of the new level three mathematics qualifications and for use by the Department for Education to decide which qualifications on offer in the future can be counted as 'core mathematics'.

The panel is due to report in September 2013. Panel members will be expected to attend at least three half-day meetings during the summer, and to communicate electronically between meetings. ACME is seeking 4-5 individuals to join the panel and expressions of interest or suggestions for panel members are requested by Wednesday 26 June. The Committee is seeking members with expertise in qualification development and who either have roles in or strong connections with schools and/or colleges, higher education or industry.

Potential panel members should submit their names and contact details here marking their enquiry Core Mathematics or contact Dr Rosalind Mist (020 7451 2205) for further information.

As the work has to be completed within a short time period, we expect panel members to be available for one meeting in each of the the following three proposed meeting windows:

  • Meeting 1: 1, 2, 3 or 5 July
  • Meeting 2: 7, 8 or 9 August
  • Meeting 3: 21, 22 or 23 August

The final meeting dates will be confirmed as soon as possible. All meetings will be in the afternoon and in central London and we are able to compensate panel members for their contribution to the work of the panel.

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