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Statement about reforms to primary and 16-19 accountability

27 March 2014

Schools Minister David Laws today published a written statement on the reforms to primary and 16 to 19 accountability and the full response can be found  here.

Some headlines from the announcement:

  • the progress of all students will be measured.
  • all schools and colleges will be required to publish information to show the progress and attainment of students and how well they do in English and mathematics.

You can read ACME's response to the Department for Education consultation on primary assessment here and the response to the consultation on 16-19 accountability here. (ACME's response to the secondary accountability consultation from May 2013 can be found here).

ACME will provide more analysis on the report in due course.

The annoucements are summarised below.


  • Schools will be expected to support at least 85% of pupils to achieve a new higher standard
  • Pupil premium for primary schools will rise to £1300 per pupil from April 2014.
  • A baseline assessment will be taken during reception.
  • Schools that choose not to use an approved baseline assessment will be judged on attainment alone.
  • The  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) profile will no longer be compulsory from September 2016.


  • A new minimum standards will be introduced for 16-19 providers.
  • Wherever data allows progress measures will be used, which will apply to academic and applied general qualifications. When the data is not robust enough a combined completion and attainment measure will be used.
  • Five headline measures of performance will be introduced, which include:

Progress measures

Attainment measures

Retention measures

English and mathematics progress measures for those who did not achieve good grades at age 16

Destination measures

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