Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Core maths technical guidance consultation

14 April 2014

The Department for Education (DfE) has published technical guidance for new core maths qualifications. They have asked for views on this guidance by 26 May 2014.

ACME previously gave input to the DfE's informal consultation on the proposed characteristics of core maths qualifications and ACME's response can be found here.

In relation to the technical guidance:

  • ACME welcomes that calculus is no longer included in the technical guidance for the new core maths qualifications. As ACME believes that new Level 3 post-16 qualifications should give students that opportunity to develop and use their mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding from previous study and engage critically with mathematics by developing problem solving skills in realistic contexts, ACME had recommended that only a very limited number of mathematical techniques found in existing Level 3 mathematics qualifications should be included and strongly recommended that calculus was not included.


A fuller response will be published in due course.

More information on ACME's work on post-16 qualifications can be found here.

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