Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Correspondence between ACME and Elizabeth Truss on STEM Ministerial meetings

17 July 2014

In May the Chair of ACME, Professor Steve Sparks wrote to Elizabeth Truss MP, as a follow up to the discussions at the STEM Ministerial Group meeting that took place on 13 May.

Professor Sparks welcomed the discussion at the meeting around the ALCAB review of A levels but highlighted the need for oversight of the broad environment of level 3 mathematics, beyond A level, to support the development of an integrated and holistic mathematics education.

He also suggested that teacher capacity and development could be discussed in detail at a future meeting.

Elizabeth Truss replied to the letter discussing the remit and role of ALCAB within the A level reform process. The letter goes on to acknowledge the of teacher capacity, particularly in STEM subjects and welcome further discussion of teacher supply at the next STEM Ministerial Group meeting.

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