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Invitation for applications

09 November 2015

ACME is to convene an expert panel to develop a project on the professional development learning journey for teachers of mathematics

ACME is seeking applications from 3-4 individuals to join an expert panel that will develop a project on the professional development learning journey for all teachers of mathematics. Applications should be submitted by 26 November. The Expert Panel will be chaired by ACME member Robert Barbour.

Applications are invited from those involved in initial teacher education or professional development, for example:

  • teachers (primary/secondary/FE), particularly those with experience of subject leadership;
  • professional development providers;
  • professional development users;
  • senior leaders responsible for professional development in a school or college;
  • initial teacher education tutors;
  • researchers on the professional development of teachers of mathematics.



In November 2013 ACME published a report on the professional development of teachers of mathematics 'Empowering teachers: success for learners'. In the report ACME argued about the need for good guidance on the 'mathematical needs' of teachers as they progress from novice to expert. See also ACME's roundtable on this held in November 2014.

Remit of the panel


The ACME-convened expert panel plans to develop guidance on the professional learning journey of all teachers of mathematics. The document (or documents) produced will set out the mathematics-specific aspects of the professional journeys of teachers of mathematics.

What is involved?


It is planned that this will be a six month project. Panel members will be expected to attend at three half-day meetings and to communicate electronically between meetings.

Meetings are likely to be in the afternoon (some flexibility can be offered) at the Royal Society in central London. Meetings are planned for the afternoon of:

  • 22 January
  • 26 February
  • 31 March or 8 April.

Panel members or their employers will be compensated for their contribution to the work of the panel  (including supply cover for schools).

Potential expert panel members should submit a summary CV (max 2 pages) and a cover letter (400 words maximum) setting out what they can offer to this expert panel to by 10:00 on 26 November 2015.

Short interviews will be held on 4 December 2015 at the Royal Society in London. Interviews will end before 4pm.

Funding for this project is kindly provided by Cambridge Mathematics, the Wellcome Trust and also draws on ACME's core funding.

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