Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Embedding Statistics at A level launched

14 July 2015

Today the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) and the Royal Statistical Society have launched their joint report, Embedding Statistics at A level, on the statistical requirements and assessment across A level courses in Biology, Business, Chemistry, Geography, Psychology and Sociology.

EmbeddingstatspageACME and the Royal Statistical Society collaborated on this project in recognition that statistics is increasingly important for a range of subjects for the 14 - 19 age group, in further and higher education and in employment. All young people need to develop statistical literacy in order to appreciate both the power and limitations of statistics in a range of general and specialist contexts. Statistical techniques are powerful tools which can enhance learners' understanding of subject content within a range of disciplines.

The report presents findings from an analysis of statistics in some recently reformed A levels in England. The aim was to investigate whether these reforms will result in the hoped-for improvements in the assessment of statistical skills.

Important issues emerged about the quality of statistical assessment, how to ensure that statistical skills are embedded in qualifications and how best to deliver coherent reforms.

The report also sets out a range of areas that would benefit from further research.

The full report can be found here.

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