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Professional development learning journeys for all teachers of mathematics

What has ACME done in this area?

ACME convened an expert panel to develop a project on professional development learning  for all teachers of mathematics. Members were appointed following an invitation for applications in winter 2015.

In the new report,  Professional learning for all teachers of mathematics, the Expert Panel on professional learning has set out principles for teachers, senior leaders and those who commission and provide professional learning.

This principles document can be used to reflect on a teacher's own learning journey, how senior leaders are supporting and fostering that learning and how schools and colleges are nurturing their teachers' learning. It should also provide a reflective tool for professional learning providers to consider what they offer.


There are some online tools to support reflection on the development of mathematics-specific knowledge and how to foster mathematics-specific professional learning within schools and colleges.

The online tools include:


Who was on the Expert Panel?

The Expert Panel was chaired by ACME member Robert Barbour.

Panel members:

  • Dean Rowley, Assistant Headteacher, Kesgrave High School
  • Mary McAteer, Director, Specialist Primary Mathematics Practice Programmes, Edgehill University
  • Karen Mills, Headteacher, Ravenswood Community School and Outer Circle member
  • Jennie Pennant, Director, GrowLearning, former ACME member and Outer Circle member
  • John Westwell, Director for Strategy, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

Who supported this project?

Funding for this project was kindly provided by Cambridge Mathematics and also drew on ACME's funding from the Wellcome Trust and ACME's core funding from the Royal Society.

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