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What kind of events does ACME hold?

ACME convenes a range of meetings, including roundtables, Outer Circle events and large conferences. ACME also holds teleconferences regularly, for example with its Outer Circle, to discuss emerging policy issues and to reflect on the best ways forward. Therefore, ACME events are an important way for ACME both to develop advice and to discuss its advice.

Many of these meetings seek to bring together representatives from the mathematics education community and the wider STEM community. They give the space to think about ways that the community can provide constructive advice to ensure the best mathematics teaching and learning in schools and colleges in England.










Upcoming events

The Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education invites you to attend its 2018 conference on Tuesday 17 July.

The conference, Working together: Mathematics education in a changing landscape, will provide an opportunity to discuss current and emerging areas of mathematics education policy.

Previous events

The 2016 ACME conference, 'Influences and impact: policies for high-quality mathematics education' was held on Tuesday 12 July. See here for more information about the day.

If you would like to attend some of ACME's events or want to know about upcoming events, do get in contact.

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