Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

2015 ACME Conference

Mathematically Thinking

9 July 2015, The Royal Society, London


The 2015 ACME conference 'Mathematically Thinking' explored the policy changes required to ensure that young people gain the mathematical knowledge and skills that are needed to move into further education, higher education and employment. A conference report is being prepared and will be available on our website shortly. You can also read the reports from our previous conferences.

Keynotes: Keynotes were given by Neil Carmichael, Chair of the Education Commons Select Committee, Nicola Blackwood, Chair of the Science and Technology Commons Select Committee and Professor Kevin Buzzard, Professor of Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Panel session: The conference panel discussed key opportunities in mathematics education. The panel was chaired by Warwick Mansell, freelance education journalist.

The panel members were:

The panel discussed a number of key issues including the supply and education of teachers, problem solving, post 16 pathways and the primary mathematics curriculum.

Workshops: The conference included four parallel workshop sessions, led by ACME members, which explored various aspects of mathematical thinking across the different phases of education.

  1. Assessing problem solving and reasoning
  2. Mathematical thinking post-16: A level and Core Maths
  3. Encouraging depth of mathematical thinking
  4. Early years and early primary mathematical thinking

To find out more about the conference see our conference summary report.

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