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ACME conference, 12 July 2016

It is a great honour to chair the ACME conference on Tuesday 12 July, my first major event with ACME since I took on the role of Interim ACME Chair. The title of the conference is Influences and impact: policies for high-quality mathematics education. We hope to provide the opportunity to discuss in a constructive and forward-looking way the collaborative action needed to [read more]

Farewell from Steve

Professor Steve Sparks give his reflections on his term as Chair of ACME.

In this post I reflect on my time as Chair of ACME over the last three years. I started in February 2012 at a time of frenetic educational reform. I was initially told that the mathematics community needed to present a cohesive voice on mathematics education policy and this had been one of the main reasons for ACME being set up in 2002. I found, in fact, that the community was suppor[read more]

ACME Conference

Are you interested in mathematics education policy issues? Do you want to discuss them with the great and the good?

ACME is holding its conference on 9 July 2015. The theme of this year's conference is 'Mathematically Thinking'. During the conference delegates will be encouraged to discuss the policy changes needed in the next 5 years.

The[read more]

The implementation of the 2014 English National Curriculum


ACME members Sue Gifford and Jennie Pennant reflect on the mathematics curriculum landscape as discussed in ACME's 'Maths Snapshot', '[read more]

Maths for all to 18

ACME member Richard Browne reflects on some of the key issues in the post-16 mathematics landscape as discussed in ACME's 'Maths Snapshot', 'Maths for all to 18'.

It is not long since discussions about the importance of all students studying mathematics post-16 could be ended by [read more]

International comparisons and maths education

As a geologist, I have been lucky to travel to countries all over the globe. Seeing what is being done elsewhere, experiencing different cultures and learning new approaches always offers opportunities to learn. This is no different in education. Politicians and the media frequently compare what is happening in other countries with what is happening in England. Indeed, in recent years England's mathematics performance has often been portrayed as below par and it is compared with cou[read more]

Early years mathematics: how to create a nation of mathematics lovers?

If we want to create more positive attitudes and higher achievement in mathematics, what better place to start than in the early years?

This was the thinking of the new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Maths and Numeracy, which has recently produced their recommendations for [read more]

Apply now to join the ACME Outer Circle!

I am delighted to announce that the 2014 Open Call for Outer Circle members is now open.

You might already know that the Outer Circle is made up 36 individuals who help the members of the Committee in developing policy advice on a range of issues across all phases of mathematics education, from early ye[read more]

The forgotten 16 year olds

Sybil Cock, former ACME member, opens a discussion about Level 2 qualifications. She is of the view that GCSE Mathematics is not suitable for all students and she shares her personal views about a different type of qualification that might be needed for those taking GCSE Mathematics post-16.

Government reforms have focussed on A levels, and the very welcome [read more]

There's a lot happening on A level

The summer has been (and still is) a busy time for the A level reform. In the final run up to the A level results on Thursday we reflect on what's been happening with regard to maths and further maths A level.

The A level Content Advisory Board (ALCAB) was established in 2013 by the Russell Group universities to provide advice on t[read more]

ACME's blueprint for mathematics education

Today the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) launches 'A blueprint for mathematics education'.

Our blueprint draws together principles on  mathematics educatio[read more]

Mathematics on my mind

I would like to share my last week in March where mathematics came up every day. I adopt a diary format.

Sunday. Spent a couple of hours helping my 35-year old older son with his maths A level. He is working full time, did not take A level Maths at school and wants a career change. As he works full time, he is taking modules. As Chair of ACME I wonder how easy it will be in the future for adult learners when A levels become linearised with end of course exams? Sett[read more]

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