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Early years mathematics: how to create a nation of mathematics lovers?

If we want to create more positive attitudes and higher achievement in mathematics, what better place to start than in the early years?

This was the thinking of the new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Maths and Numeracy, which has recently produced their recommendations for [read more]

Maths Hubs and professional development for all teachers of mathematics

This month government announced the creation of over 30 Maths Hubs across the country. This new initiative is designed to enable schools to support each other to share and develop good practice in mathematics learning and teaching across all schools in their locality. Each Maths Hub is co-ordinated by a lead school. To be selected this school had to go through a high[read more]


The British Congress of Mathematics Education (BCME8) conference at Nottingham University was a great melting pot of ideas, debate and discussion. What a gathering of people with a passion for mathematics and a desire to see all  youngsters have high-quality experiences of learning mathematics. Central to that is the career-long professional learning opportunities that all teachers of mathematics have access to on a regular basi[read more]

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