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Maths education policy

This Maths Snapshot relates to the principle set out in the ACME blueprint that policies are joined-up, long-term, evidence-informed, transparent and well-designed.

ACME sets out:MSedpolicypage

  • the current education policy landscape and reforms taking place within this landscape
  • the opportunity presented by the widespread recognition of the importance of mathematics education
  • the need for all reforms in education to be informed by relevant evidence and be designed to include time for planning, piloting and evaluation
  • the call for a for a clear, shared vison for mathematics education with a long-term strategy to realise this vision.

In the paper, ACME recommends:

  1. a clear, shared vision for mathematics education through the implementation of a long-term strategy
  2. transparent reforms, involving a wide range of subject experts
  3. time for planning, piloting and evaluation.


Slide1Similar recommendations are also made in relation to curriculum and qualification reform in the Maths curriculum Snapshot.

ACME also makes recommendations about policy development in its Snapshot on international comparisons.

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