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The maths curriculum

This Maths Snapshot relates to the principle set out in the ACME blueprint that all young people are mathematically fluent and can reason and solve problems within the mathematics classroom, but also in other contexts and in their daily lives.

ACME sets out:MScurriculumpage

  • some background to the mathematics curriculum
  • the challenges presented in delivering a new curriculum including the relationship with assessment
  • the need to develop an understanding amongst teachers, senior leaders and governors of the core aims of the curriculum and developing high-quality national resources for supporting the curriculum such as text-books and professional development materials
  • the necessity of a long-term model for curriculum development in which the curriculum is reviewed regularly and reforms are undertaken by a transparent body of experts.
In the paper, ACME recommends that:
  1. a new model for long-term curriculum development is put in place
  2. national tests and high-stakes assessments are improved
  3. high-quality curriculum resources and professional development are invested in.

More information on ACME's curriculum work can be found here.

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