Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

ACME Update

28 July 2008

ACME is currently going through some changes in membership and personnel. A new Head of Secretariat with considerable experience of policy work, Nick Bowes, has been appointed and started on the 28 July.

ACME has also recruited two new members with experience of strategic policy issues. Roger Porkess, Chief Executive of Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) and Jack Abramsky, a former adviser to the Post14 Mathematics Inquiry, will start in September 2008. Laurie Jacques, who was seconded to the Williams Mathematics Review Panel, has had her ACME membership extended for a further year.

Finally, the Outer Circle is currently being reformed to ensure it has sufficient practical and research-based expertise and also better reflects the views of higher education and industry. All these measures aim to increase the impact of ACME's work on mathematics education policy in England.

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