Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

ACME publications

ACME produces a range of publications to influence national policy on mathematics education. ACME holds a series of events and meetings in order to feed into these publications.

More about how ACME develops its advice can be found in the 'How ACME works' section.

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Maths Snapshots - Briefing papers

ACME's recent series of briefing papers, Maths Snapshots, identify challenges and opportunities and provide policy advice on some key issues in mathematics education. More Maths Snapshots will be produced in the coming months.

Policy reports

Below are some recent policy reports. Other policy reports can be found here.

  • Projects are usually undertaken following a scoping phase, which includes consultation with the mathematics community.
  • Usually, a working group is formed, comprising ACME members and Outer Circle members.
  • Projects include research, workshops and consultation with the community.





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