Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

Ongoing and recent work

Below is a selection of ACME's ongoing work.

There are several other activities underway and ACME continues to work to ensure that the policy advice provided on issues, such as the curriculum, qualificationsassessment (including GCSE, A level and Core Maths) and professional development is implemented.


2013 Conference


Expert Panel on Professional Development Learning Journeys

In 2016 an Expert Panel will produce an output/outputs that will set out mathematics-specific aspects of the professional journeys of teachers of mathematics.

The Expert Panel will seek to engage with various stakeholders, including senior leaders, teachers, policy organisations and researchers. If you would like to be involved in any way, please email


Initial Teacher Education

In November 2015 ACME published a report, Beginning teaching: best in class? on the elements needed for high-quality ITE at primary and secondary level.

ACME calls for the articulation of a shared standard for the ITE of teachers of mathematics. The report also notes the importance of developing a long-term strategic plan for the ITE of teachers of mathematics.


Embedding Statistics at A level

In 2014-2015 ACME worked with the Royal Statistical Society on a project looking at the statistical content and assessment in some recently reformed A levels.

One of the main aims was to investigate how statistics is embedded within these qualifications, following the recent move to set out a proportion of marks for assessment of these statistical skills. Another aim of the project was to identify further work that needs to be done in order to ensure that students gain statistical literacy as they move into higher education and employment.

The report, Embedding Statistics at A level, was published in July 2015.


Assessment of problem solving and reasoning

As part of ACME's wider stream of work on teaching, learning and assessing 'mathematical thinking' ACME has explored the assessment of problem solving across all phases. A report,  Problem solving in mathematics: realising the vision through better assessment, was published in June 2016.

A call for examples and resources was launched in spring 2015. This topic was discussed at ACME's Mathematically Thinking conference on 9 July 2015.


Early Years

ACME is scoping the Early Years mathematics landscape. ACME is drawing on its  Committee and Outer Circle expertise. The briefing paper from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Maths and Numeracy is also a useful starting point. See the Maths Memo blog for a view from ACME member Sue Gifford.

A roundtable with the early years and mathematics community was held on 24 February 2016, where the key issues surrounding early years mathematics were discussed. A thematic seminar on professional development was held in May 2016.


Post-16 level 2 qualifications

ACME is eager to ensure that there are mathematics pathways available to all students in the post-16 environment. ACME is drawing together all recent research and policy developments around the post-16 provision for level 2 learners in mathematics. ACME will respond to the Functional Skills consultation.

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